Fit For Life

Fit For LifeFitness.

It’s kind of a buzz word these days.

When you think of “fitness” what do you think of? Do you think of hours spent on the treadmill, feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel? Do you think of your failed diets as you try to “get skinny” and that gym membership you continuously keep open, despite the fact you only use it during the month of January?

If this is your experience with “fitness,” you’re not alone. This is what most Americans have been led to believe “fitness” means. The fitness industry tells us that if we’re not at 13% body fat with six pack abs and a thigh gap, we’re not fit.

I’m here to tell you otherwise.

I’ve had a very interesting journey with “fitness,” which I will go into later. But in a nut shell, over the past year or so, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons about what being “fit for life” really means for me. And my goal with this new fitness section is to help you learn what that means for you.

To me, “fit” means strong and empowered. It means that I fuel my body abundantly and rest when it needs rest. It means that I move in a way that brings me joy and builds me up rather than breaks me down.

So. Have you found your balance with “fitness” yet? Maybe you’ve never had a fitness routine? Or maybe you’re a 6-days-a-week-CrossFitter and could use a yoga day or two mixed in?

We’re all at a different level of fitness, and that is totally ok. But we can all make changes and improve our health regardless of where we are today.

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” that will bring you your “dream body” overnight, you’re in the wrong place. As a certified personal trainer, I’ve chosen not to promote diets or extreme weight-loss measures to my clients.

Rather, I encourage a moderate approach with lifestyle and mindset changes that will help them get strong and find confidence in their body, regardless of its size and shape.

So, let’s make some changes together. If we focus on one small change a day, imagine where we’ll be one year from now.

A journey to become “fit for life”… let’s do it together. 🙂




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