Legs, Booty and Core Workout Video

Follow along with this Legs, Booty and Core Workout Video to get a great lower-body workout right from home!

*Note: the video quality automatically sets to 720. If it’s fuzzy and driving you crazy, click the red “HD” button in bottom right hand and change it to 1080!

Here’s what you’ll need:

→ Yoga Ball
→ 8 lbs. dumbbells
→ 5 lbs. dumbbells
→ Resistance Band (This is optional but highly recommended to get the full benefit of the workout! You can also use a loop resistance band if you prefer.)

You can watch the workout and follow along, (pause as you watch so you have enough time to complete the movement. I’ve sped it up for times sake.) Or if you know the movement, here’s a written copy of the workout:

15 squat to press (5 lbs.)
10 right leg reverse lunges (5 lbs.)
10 left leg reverse lunges (5 lbs.)
10 right leg lunge to hinge (5 lbs.)
10 left leg lunge to hinge (5 lbs.)
10 jumping lunges, switching legs (bodyweight)
10 pop squats (bodyweight)
10 second sumo squat hold (bodyweight)
20 hip thrusts on yoga ball (8 lbs.)
20 side-to-side lunges (bodyweight)
15 jump squats (bodyweight)
10 pop squats (bodyweight)
10 right leg booty blasters (banded)
10 right leg booty blaster pushes (banded)
10 right leg fire hydrant (banded)
10 left leg booty blasters (banded)
10 left leg booty blaster pushes (banded)
10 left leg fire hydrant (banded)
10 yoga ball pike up OR 30 second plank hold

Repeat workout 2-3 times!

Always remember that FORM COMES FIRST! If you don’t feel comfortable with a certain movement, cut it out or modify it for your body. It’s very important to listen to your body cues when exercising! If you have any questions about the workout, please comment below!

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  • Reply Natalie August 7, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    This workout was great!! Thanks for posting!

    • Reply Sarah August 8, 2018 at 10:31 pm

      Glad you liked the workout Natalie! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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