Full-Body Workout…38 weeks pregnant!

Full-Body Workout...38 weeks pregnant! A strength workout that can be done from home or at the gym! Pregnant or not, this one will get your heart pumping.

Today I’m sharing a Full-Body Workout…38 weeks pregnant!

I’ve been lucky to have a really easy pregnancy for the most part, and I attribute a lot of that “luck” to how active I’ve been. Before getting pregnant, I read the book “Exercising through your Pregnancy” by James F. Clapp. It really opened my eyes to the importance of regular exercise throughout pregnancy, and I made a goal to stay as active as I could through those nine months.

It’s been a true test of my “intuitive movement” approach to fitness and exercise…there were lots of days where I was tired or sick (especially during the first trimester), and knew my body just needed to rest. So I rested. But for the most part, I was able to maintain consistent movement throughout the pregnancy, and it really helped me to feel strong and stay pain-free.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, this full-body workout is a great strength workout you can do at home or at the gym!


If you are pregnant, please modify to your fitness and comfort level. (Especially when it comes to moves requiring balance!) Pregnancy is typically not the time to start a new exercise program that you’ve never tried before. If you do, you need to introduce it very slowly and carefully so your body can adapt. I’ve been strength training for years, so I felt completely comfortable continuing it into my pregnancy.

I’ve included a video below the workout in case you need clarification on how to do any of the moves. Take note that I demonstrate the correct speed of each exercise at the beginning of each new move, and then I sped up the video for time sake. You want these moves to be slow and controlled!


Upper Body
Single-arm kneeling kettlebell row up, both sides (25 lb. kettlebell)
10-15 Reverse Flyes (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Tricep kickbacks (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Tricep dips (body weight) 
10-15 Tricep overhead (10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Lateral raise to front raise (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Bicep curls (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Military press to in-and-outs (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Serve the platters  (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
1 minute per leg step ups (8-10 lb. dumbbells)

Lower Body
10-15 Goblet squat to press (25 lb. kettlebell)
16 total Alternating lunges  (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 per leg Lunge pulses (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
Banded and weighted sumo squat: 10-15 pulses, 10-15 full, 10-15 pulses, 10-15 full (Medium resistance band, 10-15 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 per leg Banded and weighted kickbacks (8-10 lb. dumbbells, medium resistance band)
10-15 per leg Kick off lunge to leg raise hinges (8-10 lb. dumbbells)
10-15 Scissor leg raises, right leg
10-15 Leg circles, right leg (switch directions half way through) 
10-15 Scissor leg raises, left leg
10-15 Leg circles, left leg (switch directions half way through)
30-second to 1-minute per side Side plank hold
1 minute per leg SIDE step ups (8-10 lb. dumbbells)


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