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Baked Churro Poppers

Baked Churro Poppers - a fluffy churro batter baked in the oven and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Dip them in a Mexican chocolate sauce or maple vanilla sauce for an extra delicious treat!Introducing Churro Poppers with Dipping Sauce…drool.

Patrick is obsessed with churros. I think his fetish for these cinnamon-sugary treats began when we were visiting Huntington Beach in California. He discovered a little beach-side shop that served churros stuffed with sweetened condensed milk and dipped in a sugary glaze. Ever since then, he’s loooved churros. (And anything that has to do with cinnamon-sugar…)

He randomly tags me in Facebook videos of homemade churro recipes…droppin the hint left and right. And I finally caught on. So these Churro Poppers are for you babe.

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Summer Fruit Board

Summer Fruit Board: Cut up all your favorite fruits: melons, berries, peaches, nectarines, apricots...and add a simple honey lime yogurt dip for a simple, healthy summer treat!
S U M M E R. Kids are happy. Air is warm. Life is relaxed. And food is fresh. And delicious. And easy. And beautiful. I mean, is there anything prettier than a summer fruit stand? So bring the fruit stand home and turn it into the prettiest Summer Fruit Board.

So easy. So healthy. So pretty. Add a tasty, lime-y yogurt dip to take it over the top, and this beautiful board will disappear in a flash. No dessert needed. This IS dessert. Or dinner. Or lunch. Or afternoon snack.

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Chili Rubbed Steak with Corn Tomato Salsa

Chili Rubbed Steak with Corn Tomato Salsa - a zesty dry-rub and marinade gives this steak oodles of flavor. Top it with this roasted corn and tomato salsa and you have yourself a delicious and colorful meal! Chili Rubbed Steak with Corn Tomato Salsa…

Man food.

When you’re cooking for Mother’s Day, things are a little more complicated. You have to round up the 3 million ingredients that make up your mom/wife’s favorite gourmet salad and you have to make sure the charcuterie board is stalked with her favorite meats and cheeses. And don’t get me started with dessert. Her favorite it creme brûlée. 😉

Father’s Day? Buy a steak and fire up the grill babay…

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4 Ingredient Grilled Pepper Chicken

4 Ingredient Grilled Pepper Chicken - Chicken tenders, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic salt and pepper are all you need to make this amazingly simple, delicious grilled chicken in just 15 minutes!
I am a list person. Are you? My family makes fun of me because I always have at least one “things to do” list going.

There are currently SEVEN to-do lists on my desk. I just counted them. SEVEN. I do have an explanation for this madness.

Our son is getting married in 10 days, and the reception’s in our backyard. Naturally I have seven lists of things that have to get done in the next seven days. AAAHHHH!!!!

However, there’s one list I DO NOT like…

A giant list of ingredients.

If I scan a recipe and there’s 25 things I have to get at 4 different stores all over the city, forget it. Move on. Hasta la vista, baby. This is why I am in LOVE with this 4 Ingredient Grilled Pepper Chicken. I mean, seriously, could it get any easier?

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Grain-Free Granola

This Grain-Free Granola recipe combines nuts, seeds and coconut into crunchy granola clusters. Lightly sweetened with honey and totally grain and refined-sugar free!I like em big, I like em chunky…

I like em big, I like em plumpy.

I’m referring to my grain-free granola preferences of course. 😉

I’m that annoying person who picks the “bunches” out of the Honey Bunches of Oats box and sifts through the granola bag to find the giant clumps.

Sorry not sorry.

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Fellow Foodies

Fellow Foodies: Utah Grubs

Another rendition of Fellow Foodies: Utah Grubs! Utah Grubs is a social media platform that highlights favorite spots to eat all over the state of Utah. We wanted to introduce you to the cute couple behind this unique platform!
Another rendition of Fellow Foodies: Utah Grubs!

For those of you who may not be familiar with our “Fellow Foodies” series, occasionally we’ll feature an individual or company in the foodie world who we feel has a fun or unique story to tell. Today we’re featuring Utah Grubs!

Utah Grubs is a social media platform that highlights this cute couple’s favorite spots to eat all over the state of Utah. We wanted to introduce you to them and share the fun platforms they’ve created! You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Not local to Utah? Don’t you worry about it, cause they’ve gotcha covered. These two recently started a second platform, Grubs We Love, that features yummy spots to eat outside of Utah.

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Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Coleslaw

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Coleslaw: Lemon-marinated chicken tenders stacked with a spicy cabbage slaw and finished off with a pickle and mayo dressing!
I was a school lunch girl. Of course, that brought my cool status (if I had any to begin with) down several notches. By high school, I’d clued in to that fact and ducked out to happier lunch events, like fries and frosties at the park. But my elementary school days were filled with chicken-fried meat surprise and soggy corn dogs on slightly wet plastic lunchroom trays. I watched my lunch calendar religiously for the pizza and peanut butter square days. Those were epic. Or at least edible.

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Quick and Easy Spicy Coleslaw

Quick and Easy Spicy Coleslaw – shredded cabbage and carrots, diced jalapeno and red onion are tossed with a spicy Cajun mayo sauce for a creamy slaw that’s full of flavor!
Some foods are just so versatile. Quick and Easy Spicy Coleslaw is definitely one of those foods.

Throw it on top of a pulled pork sandwich, stuff it between a crunchy ciabatta roll with a thick slab of grilled lemon chicken, eat it as a side with your burger, top a grilled dog….

Or you can always eat it cold from the fridge. Done that more than once.

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Steak Tacos with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce

Steak Tacos with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce - tender, flavorful meat grilled to perfection wrapped in a corn tortilla and drizzled with a fresh cilantro chimichurri sauce.
I’ve found some of the best get-togethers are the unplanned ones. The other night, I was grilling up some flank steak for Patrick and I, and thought hey, why not make some chimmichurri sauce to go on top? (I continuously have soooo much cilantro in my fridge…) So these Steak Tacos with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce were born. Continue Reading