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Grilled Reuben Dogs

Grilled Reuben Dogs: A grilled hot dog piled high with Swiss cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut, homemade pickles and a tasty sauce drizzled on top.
Let me introduce you to Ronnie. Ronnie is Sarah’s father-in-law. He was a professional boxer “back in the day” so he’s a tough-looking guy with a booming voice and a scraggly dark beard. That’s the outside. On the inside, Ronnie is a teddy bear. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody. And he does.

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Goat Cheese and Blackberry Flatbread Pizzas

Goat Cheese and Blackberry Flatbread Pizzas: A homemade flatbread crust, grilled, and topped with fresh berries, melty cheese, fresh basil and sweet onions.
I struggle with so many things. I am a dork at dribbling a basketball. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to set the sprinkler timer correctly. And don’t even get me started on finding my car in a parking garage.

I need to always live by mountains, so I have a point of reference…My sense of directions is that bad. Drew tells me I can be in charge of up and down and he’ll take care of north, south, east and west. Which is pretty funny until you realize he’s not really joking.

But one thing I can do in my sleep is cook. It just comes naturally. I rarely use a recipe or even measure anything (Which is a problem when you have a food blog BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE A RECIPE FOR PEOPLE TO FOLLOW.) Ha ha. I’m learning to measure and write things down as I go.

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100% Fruit Popsicles

100% Fruit Popsicles: Just frozen fruit on a stick! Nectarines, watermelon and kiwi pureed and frozen for a clean refreshing treat!
Ah, to be a kid in the summer. Remember those days? Bare feet, swimming lessons, backyard play dates, lemonade stands, scraped knees…and popsicles. Always popsicles! Sticky hands, arms, face.

Were you a cherry, grape or orange? I was a cherry. I loved leaving them out on the counter for a few minutes, until they just started to melt slightly, but not enough that they would fall apart or, even worse, slide right off their wooden stick.  I can still taste that cherry flavor, still imagine my bright cherry-red tongue and lips.

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Southwestern Chicken Bowl

Southwestern Chicken Bowl - black beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh corn, jicama...all generously doused in a creamy lime avocado sauce.Introducing our Southwestern Chicken Bowl. Not sure exactly where it came from, but it’s definitely here to stay.

I love trying different types of food from around the world. Mexican, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean…

But one of my latest favorites is Southwestern.

I started to notice a theme of my eyes gravitating to the “Southwestern” options on the menu. Southwestern chicken, Southwestern salad, Southwestern tacos… I was finding that I really loved the flavors that encompass Southwestern cuisine.

But then I had a realization…
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What’s the Big Deal with Collagen Peptides???

What's the big deal with collagen peptides??? An explanation of what it is and what it can do for you, plus some smoothie recipes!
You’ve probably heard about collagen by now.  The health industry is promoting it as the new *magic formula* that will bring you strong hair and nails, flawless skin, a healthy gut and the ability to fly. Ok maybe not the last one, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. So what’s the big deal with collagen peptides anyway???

Do they actually do all they’re advertised to do? And is it worth spending your money on this fairly costly supplement? As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I get this question quite often.

So let’s start with the basics…

What exactly is collagen?

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Gourmet Burger Board

Gourmet Burger Board: Pile grilled burgers on a board, along with every sauce and topping you can think of, for the ultimate make-your-own burger buffet!
Ah, the 4th of July. Independence Day! The day we broke free and decided to do our own thing. And now, the whole country celebrates every year with a mid-summer, all-out, sea-to-shining-sea, bbq ’til ya drop party party party. There couldn’t be a better day to pull out all the stops with a Gourmet Burger Board!

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Raspberry Blueberry Tart

Raspberry Blueberry Tart: Raspberries, blueberries and whipped cream piled high in a shortbread cookie crust...the perfect red, white and blue dessert!It’s 100 degrees outside. Steamy hot. Lazy, hazy, can’t-move kind of hot. That thermometer just seems to shoot up right about this time of year, for a couple weeks. Just in time for my daughter (and Sarah’s sister), Katie’s birthday. HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Katie!!! Katie HATES the heat. Her best day is cool, cloudy and rainy. So naturally her bday falls on the farmer’s almanac most-likely-day-of-the-entire-year-to-be-sunny-and-hot! Sorry, Katie. And so, to distract her on her day of hot and sweaty celebration, we plan fun activities and fun food. Like this Raspberry Blueberry Tart! Cold, fresh, sweet berries in a shortbread cookie crust cover with whipped cream.

The perfect distraction for Katie which just also happens to be the perfect RED, WHITE and BLUE dessert for any upcoming 4th of July party! Convenient, yes?

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Asian Chicken Veggie Bowl

Asian Chicken Veggie Bowl - marinated chicken and grilled veggies are piled high on a bed of brown rice and drizzled with a soy ginger dressing. A simple, healthy meal.
I love when I can make a homemade version of one of my fave restaurant foods. Take this Asian Chicken Veggie Bowl for example…

I’ve recently become a fan of Zao Asian Cafe. They have so many delicious options and their menu is healthy and fresh. #winning. I always order a rice bowl loaded with extra veggies and top it with their delish chili lemon grass sauce. I know you’re thinking that they are paying me to say this, but noooope, honestly I just love their menu and wanted to give them a little shoutout. 🙂

This Asian Chicken Veggie Bowl is kind of inspired by Zao’s but also kinda not because it’s fairly different. Regardless, I just really love bowls. I get sooo excited when restaurants have that cute diagram on their menu…

1.”Pick your grain”

2. “Pick your protein”

3. “Pick your veggies”

4. “Pick your sauce”

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Baked Churro Poppers

Baked Churro Poppers - a fluffy churro batter baked in the oven and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Dip them in a Mexican chocolate sauce or maple vanilla sauce for an extra delicious treat!Introducing Churro Poppers with Dipping Sauce…drool.

Patrick is obsessed with churros. I think his fetish for these cinnamon-sugary treats began when we were visiting Huntington Beach in California. He discovered a little beach-side shop that served churros stuffed with sweetened condensed milk and dipped in a sugary glaze. Ever since then, he’s loooved churros. (And anything that has to do with cinnamon-sugar…)

He randomly tags me in Facebook videos of homemade churro recipes…droppin the hint left and right. And I finally caught on. So these Churro Poppers are for you babe.

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Summer Fruit Board

Summer Fruit Board: Cut up all your favorite fruits: melons, berries, peaches, nectarines, apricots...and add a simple honey lime yogurt dip for a simple, healthy summer treat!
S U M M E R. Kids are happy. Air is warm. Life is relaxed. And food is fresh. And delicious. And easy. And beautiful. I mean, is there anything prettier than a summer fruit stand? So bring the fruit stand home and turn it into the prettiest Summer Fruit Board.

So easy. So healthy. So pretty. Add a tasty, lime-y yogurt dip to take it over the top, and this beautiful board will disappear in a flash. No dessert needed. This IS dessert. Or dinner. Or lunch. Or afternoon snack.

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