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How to be Healthy Through the Holidays

How to be Healthy Through the Holidays: a few tips on how to make healthy decisions through the holiday season, even when bombarded with treats!
The holidays are a magical time…but for most they come with the expectation of putting on extra pounds from all those holiday treats. If you know us, you know we’re not about to tell you that you should be restricting yourself and dieting through this tasty time of year. (In fact, we will NEVER tell you it’s a good idea to “diet.”) It’s ok to indulge!

But…if you’re “indulging” on every treat that comes your way, the healthy attitude of treating yourself in moderation becomes an unhealthy attitude of “I’ll splurge now and restrict later.” Yes, I worked in a gym as a personal trainer…I know how busy those treadmills get come January…

So, to help you avoid that roller coaster ride of “binge” and “restrict,” we’ve put together a few tips on How to be Healthy Through the Holidays:

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