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Summer Berry Oreo Ice Cream

Summer Berry Oreo Ice Cream: Rich, velvety ice cream made with pureed fresh raspberries and blackberries and finished off with Oreo cookie chunks.Can we be serious here for just a minute? Summer Berry Oreo Ice Cream could very well be one of the best things we’ve ever made. Possibly the very best. That’s a serious claim. Not to be taken lightly.

We know it’s technically September and ya’ll may be moving out of “summer mode” and into “pumpkin spice mode…” but we just couldn’t help squeezin in one more summery recipe. It’s just tooo good not to share.

And so, the backstory: It was inspired by a trip we took this summer to Santa Barbara. We fell in love with Santa Barbara’s beaches, its beautiful homes and cute downtown. Not too long into our trip, we discovered something sinfully good: McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream. (They ship their ice cream too so goodbye I’m going to go place an order now…)

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