A Happy Life

A Happy Life

A Happy LifeWe were meant to be happy. That is something I am absolutely sure of. When Sarah and I were talking about WELLNESS, one of my first thoughts was that being WELL also meant being HAPPY. Easy, right? Are you happy? Truly happy?

Here’s the thing. We all tend to rush around like ants on a giant anthill, busy being productive with our to-do lists, our carpools, our jobs, our toilets to scrub and our dishes to clean, our families to feed and our pets to walk, our exercise and our haircuts and our doctor appointments and deadlines and oil changes and homework and grocery shopping and soccer games, and on and on and on we run. We hardly stop to take a breath.

Maybe those things do make you happy. But maybe they are just things you have to do to keep things moving, not necessarily things you do to create a happy life. So what does make you truly, honest-to-goodness, joyfully happy?

For me and Sarah, A Happy Life means spending time with family, just hanging out and creating new memories together. It means exploring the world and discovering new cultures, people and places. It means food, of course. Lots of delicious, colorful, exciting flavors, exotic new tastes and tried-and-true familiar favorites. It means getting up off the couch and moving: yoga, hiking, swimming, boating, walking, climbing, skiing.

It means service. Mark Twain said, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up.” Well said! It means sunshine and laughing uncontrollably and being silly and sometimes, just being.

We’re excited to share some slivers of our Happy Life, and hopefully we can learn from your Happy Lives as well!

A Happy Life? It’s not only possible, it’s meant to be.

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