Welcome to Kiwi and Carrot! We’re Elizabeth and Sarah–a mother-daughter cooking combo. We love creating (mostly) healthy recipes together, using fresh and clean ingredients.

Before you continue, we need to warn you about something. This food blog is NOT a calorie-counting, weight-loss obsessing kind of health blog. Yes, we mostly make healthy recipes here. But that is not to say that we won’t post our share of cookies, ice cream, cakes and chocolate-peanut-butter anythings (because that’s obviously the best combo known to human kind…) We believe that in moderation, treats are so completely OK…everyone deserves to enjoy life a little bit.

The important thing is that our recipes are made with fresh, clean ingredients. We don’t support artificial flavoring, products pumped with GMOs or unnatural additives. Think FRESH, CLEAN and usually HEALTHY…and that’s Kiwi and Carrot!


Hi! I’m Sarah, a.k.a Elizabeth’s daughter. I’m the photographer for Kiwi and Carrot, and I also write content and develop recipes along with my mom.

I gained a passion for cooking during my freshman year of college when I left home and realized my mom wasn’t going to make me dinner every night. Since then, I’ve become an absolute foodie fanatic. I love to cook, photograph and EAT FOOD! I have a serious appreciation for healthy and fresh food, but you’ll often find me elbow-deep in a tub of ice cream. Ooops. My guilty pleasure.

Besides cooking (and eating), I love long runs, traveling with my husband, filming videos and spending time outdoors.

I need to credit my mom for teaching me how to cook. She’s my cooking inspiration, and with this food blog, my hope is to show you (like my mom showed me) how healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless, boring and bland. Using fresh, clean ingredients, there are endless options for deliciously yummy and healthy meals!BLOG-mom

I’m Elizabeth, a.k.a. Sarah’s mom! I’m just a little bit obsessed with anything FOOD. Growing up, my mom was an extraordinary, but very traditional, cook. Basically, she used butter and cream to make any dish spectacular. Let’s be clear that I love my share of butter and cream…but I am more about combining fresh ingredients to create healthy, delicious meals.

I am so happy that my love for cooking and eating has been passed through the gene pool to my daughter, Sarah! She’s an amazing cook, and I feel lucky to share such a passion for food with her.

My family is my world, so when I’m not cooking for them or eating with them, we love to travel together, be outdoors, go on adventures and taste foods from around the globe. Curling up with a good book is my guilty pleasure, especially when combined with a piece of chocolate anything.


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    Hi. Love your recipes and your blog and would love to nominate you for a Liebster Award if you interested – here’s a link all about it, please comment there if you interested. Thanks, Gill x https://weegiemidget.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/liebster-awards/

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      Thanks Gill! We’ll take a look at it!

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