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    Cowboy Caviar

    Love salsa? Cowboy Caviar is your new best friend: fresh tomatoes, cilantro, black-eyed peas and avocado, all tossed with a red wine vinegar dressing. Yum!
    Okay, I have no idea who coined the name for this recipe, but I LOVE it. “Cowboy Caviar!” Doesn’t that just conjure up all sorts of fun images? Sunsets on the trail, horses, sitting around a campfire, cowboy boots, drinking out of tin cans….there is absolutely nothing stuffy or fancy about it! As I’m not really into fancy schmancy foods, this recipe works great for me, and often finds its way into summer meals around our table.

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  • Chocolate Chip Almond Extract Cookies - a twist on the classic chocolate chip recipe. A splash of almond extract adds a unique touch to this tasty dessert.

    Chocolate Chip Almond Extract Cookies

    We all have that go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe…the one we whip out last minute when we remember we’re supposed to bring dessert to a friend’s baby shower. It’s that recipe that just always works,…

  • Italian Tin Foil Dinners - a fun spin on the classic foil dinner. Cheese tortellini, fresh veggies, and lots of cheese make for a tasty and easy meal!

    Italian Tin Foil Dinners

    There’s a reason why there are no onions in these Italian Tin Foil Dinners… Sure, they’d taste great. And you’re welcome to add them. But I’m keeping onions out of my tin…

  • Like south-of-the-border flavors? These Mexican Tin Foil Dinners are a fire-roasted burrito bowl: beef, beans, corn, cheddar, avocado, salsa and FIRE...yum!

    Mexican Tin Foil Dinners

    I’m leaving today on a four-day church camping trip with 30 teenage girls. We’re headed to the Capitol Reef National Park area to hike some slot canyons, canoe, kayak and just escape…

  • Asian Tin Foil Dinners are a fun twist on the classic foil recipe! Rice noodles, veggies, chicken and peanut sauce, all cooked together over the fire.
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    Asian Tin Foil Dinners

    Okay, people…Here’s a little informal survey for you: If you live in a big city, raise your hand. If you rarely leave the Big City, stand up and raise your hand higher.…

  • This recipe for Pico de Gallo has a few secret ingredients to make it the perfect side for any Mexican dish! Fresh, healthy and delicious!
    appetizers and snacks, sides

    Pico de Gallo

    Who doesn’t love a crunchy, salted tortilla chip with a heaping pile of fresh Pico de Gallo on top? If you don’t, you’re crazy. I worked as a kitchen assistant at Sur…