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    Grilled Margherita Pizza

    Grilled Margherita Pizza - a fresh and delicious recipe combining mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and garden tomatoes on a garlic and olive oil-brushed crust.
    I have a complete, unadulterated obsession with pizza. Not just any pizza. It has to be Italian-quality, homemade, thin-crust with fresh-from-the-garden toppings. In my mind, a hot from the oven, crusty pizza oozing with fresh mozzarella and vine-ripened tomatoes might just be the perfect food, which is partly why I claim to be part-Italian. 🙂 One look at me and you’ll know there’s NO Italian blood there, but a girl can dream, right? This recipe for grilled margherita pizza was born from that obsession, which actually started a long time ago…….

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  • Whip up this easy but decadent grilled Macadamia Green Curry Mahi-Mahi! Puree fresh herbs, coconut milk and curry together for the perfect Asian-Inspired dish!

    Macadamia Green Curry Mahi-Mahi

    Macadamia Green Curry Mahi-Mahi. Mmmmmm. I’m sure you can imagine how delicious this tastes. But, does it look “too gourmet” for you to cook? Too “complicated” for you to whip up in…

  • Veggie-Packed Creamy Lemon Pasta is a healthier way to enjoy a "rich and creamy" pasta dish. Made with Greek yogurt, roasted zucchini and lemon zest.
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    Veggie-Packed Creamy Lemon Pasta

    You know how food often has memories attached to it? Well this particular recipe screams San Clemente, CA, to me. I first made this Veggie-Packed Creamy Lemon Pasta while living in San…

  • Hot summer days got you dragging? This flavor-packed homemade Raspberry-Mint Limeade will quench your thirst and pick you up on a 100-degree day!

    Raspberry-Mint Limeade

    Hello Raspberry-Mint Limeade! So happy you dropped in on this 100-degree day. If you live in suburban or even rural America, you’ve most likely encountered cute little homemade lemonade stands on the…

  • This Chili and Lime Grilled Corn combines fresh corn on the cob with spices, herbs, lime and feta cheese for a delicious summer side dish.

    Chili and Lime Grilled Corn

    Chili and Lime Grilled Corn…the ultimate summer food. Fresh corn-on-the-cob is good enough on its own, but when drizzled with chili-powder-lime-cilantro-butter and sprinkled with feta cheese? Ok. This just isn’t fair…it’s too…