Romesco Sauce

    Romesco Sauce combines roasted red peppers with lemons, tomatoes, almonds and garlic to create a versatile, simple sauce, dip or marinade.
    Let’s talk about jeans for a moment. A good pair of jeans is about the most versatile piece of clothing there is. Think about it…there’s nothing comfier than jeans and a big, fluffy sweatshirt on a rainy Saturday. Same pair of jeans with a long cardigan and short boots and you’re ready for a day of work or errands or PTA or carpooling. Put on a pretty blouse, blazer and heels…same pair of jeans…and it’s date night or an art show. Guys can pull off a similar transformation with a good pair of jeans.

    Romesco Sauce combines roasted red peppers with lemons, tomatoes, almonds and garlic to create a versatile, simple sauce, dip or marinade.
    Well, Romesco Sauce is the “pair of jeans” of the food world. This humble, rustic sauce comes from Catalonia in northern Spain, where fishermen ate it with freshly caught seafood. It’s a simple roasted red pepper sauce, with the added YUM factor of almonds or hazelnuts, lemon and garlic, and the combo of flavors is to die for! And here’s the really cool thing…you can put romesco sauce on just about A N Y T H I N G! Just watch:

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