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  • This Green Shamrock Smoothie recipe is full of healthy fruit and veggies and bursting with minty flavor. Perfect for your St. Patrick's day celebration!
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    Green Shamrock Smoothie

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A little early, we know, but we like to be prepared. Prepared with giant glass mugs of this Green Shamrock Smoothie, because that’s how we do things around here.…

  • "Harry Potter" pumpkin juice is the perfect autumn drink: apple cider, pumpkin puree, mango nectar and spices combine for a cold or hot magical treat!

    Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

    Expelliarmus! Alohomora! Petrificus Totalus! Accio Chocolate! Halloween around our house has become something very magical… Quidditch, Diagon Alley, Platform 9 3/4, floating candles, wizards and absolutely NO MUGGLES allowed. For anyone who’s read…

  • Hot summer days got you dragging? This flavor-packed homemade Raspberry-Mint Limeade will quench your thirst and pick you up on a 100-degree day!

    Raspberry-Mint Limeade

    Hello Raspberry-Mint Limeade! So happy you dropped in on this 100-degree day. If you live in suburban or even rural America, you’ve most likely encountered cute little homemade lemonade stands on the…

  • This Mango Mint Smoothie recipe combines mangoes, bananas and fresh mint for a cool and refreshing treat.
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    Mango Mint Smoothie Bowl

    My husband and I recently returned from a 20-day business trip to Peru. My parents joined us for part of it, so we spent 10 blissful days with them in the beautiful countryside of…

  • This Green Detox Smoothie is packed with vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruit, greens and chia seeds for a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack!
    breakfast, drinks

    Green Detox Smoothie

    Is anyone else feeling it? That heavy, run-down, “we-survived-the-holidays-but-barely” feeling? I am. Too many late nights, sweets in my tummy and servings of German Pancakes, Crab Cakes and Hot Fudge Sauce…but, that’s…

  • This Homemade Heavenly Hot Chocolate is an easy, delicious alternative to store-bought cocoa mixes, combining a rich chocolate mousse with cream for a decadent treat.

    Homemade Heavenly Hot Chocolate

    Happy day! The holidays are officially here. Isn’t December a heavenly month? At least, it should be. I hope you don’t find yourself running around like a crazy person. I hope you…