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  • Here's a fun summertime Mexican menu that uses fresh garden ingredients...Homemade taquitos, ceviche and chips and salsa, complete with raspberry limeade!
    Dinner Menus

    Summertime Mexican Menu

    Cilantro. Lime. Cumin. Corn. Tomatoes. Mmmmmm. Those Mexicans have got a good thing going! My sister lived in Mexico City for seven years, and we were fortunate enough to visit her several…

  • Impress Your Guests Holiday Menu provides recipes for everything you need to make a delicious, gourmet and impressive meal to celebrate the New Years!
    Dinner Menus

    Impress Your Guests Holiday Menu

    The holiday’s aren’t over yet, people! We still have a beautiful New Year’s celebration to have! This menu lays out everything you need to truly impress your guests. Cranberry-Jalapeno Salsa is a…

  • Greek Dinner Menu
    Dinner Menus

    Greek Dinner Menu

    Are you tired of your typical Sunday dinner of steak and potatoes? Mix it up this weekend with a fresh, new menu of everything-Greek! Mediterranean food is the epitome of Kiwi and…