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  • These Sweet Potato Hash Browns make the perfect breakfast! Crisp on the outside with a hint of coconut flavor, garnished with sea salt and green onion.
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    Sweet Potato Hash Browns

    This week is BREAKFAST week, and we’re starting it off with these Sweet Potato Hash Browns! Who here loves breakfast food? Ok, those who just raised your hand, we can be friends. Breakfast is…

  • The EASIEST recipe on the planet, Caramelized Oven-Cooked Bacon is a two-ingredient wonder: bacon, brown sugar and a little heat from the oven...YUM!

    Caramelized Oven-Cooked Bacon

    There seems to be a love-hate thing going on with that naughty comfort food….BACON. People either love bacon and want to eat it on everything, or they despise everything it stands for.…