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  • This Spring Pea Risotto recipe combines creamy arborio rice with peas, lemon zest and a touch of crispy bacon. Dinner on the table in 35 minutes!
    dinner, sides

    Spring Pea Risotto

    It’s officially Spring here, which means it was 70 degrees and sunny this morning, and now there’s half an inch of snow on the ground…classic Utah. Snowy or not, we’re celebrating the…

  • Easy Vietnamese Pho - homemade broth, thinly-sliced beef, fresh veggies and rich flavors come together in this easy but delicious Vietnamese Pho recipe!
    dinner, lunch, soup and salad

    Easy Vietnamese Pho

    Easy Vietnamese Pho, pronounced [FUH], which has always been the biggest mystery to me… My first introduction to pho soup came with a very authentic Vietnamese experience. My husband and I, brother…

  • This Green Shamrock Smoothie recipe is full of healthy fruit and veggies and bursting with minty flavor. Perfect for your St. Patrick's day celebration!
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    Green Shamrock Smoothie

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A little early, we know, but we like to be prepared. Prepared with giant glass mugs of this Green Shamrock Smoothie, because that’s how we do things around here.…

  • Honey Bees and Tunnel Gardens - Learn how you can grow fresh vegetables throughout the cold winter and eat fresh, raw honey all year long!
    Fellow Foodies

    Honey Bees and Tunnel Gardens

    You guys. We’re so excited about this. We’ve decided to launch a new series of posts called “Fellow Foodies.” Every few weeks, we’ll be featuring someone in the “food world!” Because there are…

  • This Chicken Madeira recipe is easy to make but tastes gourmet! Lightly browned chicken smothered in a rich Madeira sauce and served over rice.

    Chicken Madeira

    We have some friends who have deemed themselves our “food friends.” Everyone has those friends who, when you hang out, you can almost guarantee there will be food involved. Whether it’s going out…